wurster desk line door open_web

This digital re-creation of vintage studio desks in UC Berkeley’s Wurster Hall architecture studios envisions the desks refurbished, refinished, and fitted with new work tops. These amazing desks, manufactured by the Hamilton Desk company, were original equipment in the architecture studios.


Golden Desk Render_web

Imagining the steel desk electroplated with 14 karat gold.


wurster desk detail_web

Detail of the digital model.


Front Elevation Render2cropped_web

Front Elevation


Left Elevation Render2cropped_web

Side Elevation


Handle Detail_web

Modeling the handle in Rhino software, using careful on-site measurements and photographs of original handles.


Screw Head_web

Rhino model of a screw head, measured and replicated from original.


Rhino Desk Model_web

Researching the original desks  (click for enlarged slideshow)